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Raising kids is challenging. It's tough to keep your cool when you're doing all the things and you haven't got so much as time to pee, let alone play happily with your kids. It feels easier to stick the TV on than to be a slave to their commands, but the guilt that comes with it can make you feel anxious and panicked. It's not your fault! Parents are put under extreme pressure to raise good kids whilst juggling it all.

We're here to offer a supportive hand, advocating family-centred parenting techniques through the joy of Montessori.

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FREEBIES - Behaviour techniques, Montessori teachings and activity guides.

Come and enjoy a number of free sessions to learn more about your little's developmental milestones, behaviours you can expect and how to manage them with calm and ease.

Included in this section:

  • Nurture Your Newborn - Discover Montessori from birth
  • Heuristic Play: Why "junk" helps to grow your baby's brain
  • Hitting and Biting: Why toddlers do and what you can do about it
  • Tantrums: 3 Steps to Better Behaviour
  • Activity guides

WORKSHOP: Supporting Big Feelings £37

Kids don't come with a manual. It's not easy to keep your cool when they're pressing all your buttons. You shouldn't have to tiptoe around them, wondering when they'll next throw a wobbly!

WORKSHOP: Your Independent Preschooler

A great follow on from the course Your Independent Toddler, this workshop helps you to navigate the next phase of your preschooler's life.

Considered to be the most crucial time of your child's life, this workshop aims to help you to support your child through these critical years.

I'll be covering:
-A brief recap of Montessori principles
-Typical behaviours between the ages of 3-6
-Montessori materials for these ages
-Introducing phonics, maths and writing
-Beginning their educational journey (school or otherwise)

Includes a free guided workbook. 

WORKSHOP: Intro to Montessori - A Masterclass in Montessori for Beginners £37

If you're new to Montessori, this is an easy and interactive way to understand the principles and get to grips with the method. A great starting point before Your Independent Toddler.

WORKSHOP: Screen Time Spiral £37

Feeling like screen time is spiraling out of control? A practical, research-based workshop to help you make informed decisions and regain balance when it comes to screen time.

WORKSHOP: Toilet Learning With Monty £37

Christine said: "Just watched. Amazing! Thank you, the workshop was great and I'm looking forward to getting started!"

Did you know that toilet learning typically happens at around 12-18 months under Montessori theory?

Toilet learning isn't the same as toilet training. Did you know that?!

When you help your child with toilet learning, you can actually ENJOY the process. Yes, it can be fun!

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